Cambridge Law Test Sample Questions

Cambridge Law Test Questions will often ask you to consider a legal issue (although you do not necessarily need to have prior legal knowledge) and write an essay within 60 minutes.

Question 1

“Abortion should be allowed on demand.” Discuss.

Question 2

Is the law of warfare an oxymoron? 

Question 3

Should corporations have the right to free speech? 

Question 4

Is it morally justifiable to sue public health services (such as the NHS)?

Question 5

Are plea bargains morally justifiable? 

Question 6

Should lawyers’ duty of confidentiality towards their clients be suspended when there is a risk to a person’s life? 

Question 7

Should social media platforms be legally responsible for the actions of their users on the platform? 

Question 8

If one patient has a genetic condition that is almost certain to be passed onto their children, should the children be informed if the patient doesn’t want it to be disclosed? What if that condition would lead to early death? 

Question 9

In 2004, the UK Parliament passed the Civil Partnership Act allowed same-sex couples to enter into civil partnerships with the same legal rights as married couples. In 2013, Parliament passed the the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013, which recognised same sex marriages. 

Should opposite sex couples be allowed to enter into civil partnerships? Why or why not?

Question 10

(a) If I give you $5 as a birthday gift, mistakenly thinking it was your birthday, but it was not, should you be legally obligated to give it back? Why or why not?

(b) If I give you $5 as a gift, thinking that you were interested in me romantically, but it turned out you had no feelings for me whatsoever, should you be obligated to give it back? Why or why not?

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